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Truth or Dare: for Families

Fun family game
Description: "Truth or Dare: for Families" is a game for an entire family no matter the age. Happen to have a free night and not sure how to keep your whole family entertained? Don't want anyone to feel left out? Well, this game might be your best solution for the night. A full shot of positivity for your family is guaranteed. Grab your kids, grandmas & grandpas, cats & dogs — and go get that quality time!

Brief rules: You take turns asking one another: "Truth or Dare?". If you choose "Dare" — draw a stick and complete a task on the green side. "Truth" — answer a question on the purple side. You can't choose the same task more than twice in a row. If a player can't answer/complete a task, they put the stick back to the jar and draw another one.

Game type: 7 to 99 y.o, family
Players: 2+
Set: 50 dares and 50 questions
Material: laminated paper
Manufacturer: Fun Games Shop, Ukraine
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