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Truth or Dare: for Friends

Fun party game
Description: "Truth or Dare: for Friends" is a game to get any party going! Thinking about having fun with your friends at home or at a bar? Done drinking beer and having the same old conversations over and over? Try out our game and you'll definitely remember this night! If you choose "Truth", you'll have to give an honest answer to one of the mischievous questions. And if you pick "Dare", you'll need to complete one of the tasks. Don't be intimidated: it's all done in good humor. Give it a go!

Brief rules: You take turns asking one another: "Truth or Dare?". If you choose "Dare" — draw a stick and complete a task on the yellow side. "Truth" — answer a question on the pink side. You can't choose the same task more than twice in a row. You can pass any "Truth" or "Dare", but not more than two times during a game. Take it easy — the game only wants you to have fun. Any resistance is futile :)

Game type: party game, 18+
Players: 3+
Set: 50 dares and 50 questions
Material: laminated paper
Manufacturer: Fun Games Shop, Ukraine
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