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Truth or Dare: Kamasutra

Bedroom game for two
Description: "Truth or Dare: Kamasutra" is a game designed to help the couples let loose, give them a chance to get to know each other better, and re-discover their sexuality. As you choose "Truth", you learn about your partner's secret desires and preferences. By choosing "Dare", you'll get a chance to bring to life your deepest sexual fantasies and try something new.

Brief rules: You take turns drawing sticks — it's that simple. The red side has tasks for her, the blue one — for him. If a stick has "Truth" on it, answer the question; if it's a "Dare", go ahead and do the task. We tried to design this game the way both partners would get enough attention. You are allowed to skip any question or a task — it's just a game. Keep in mind though, you might not get another chance to try something that's been on your mind for that long.

Game type: Romantic, for couple, 18+
Players: 2
Set: 100 tasks
Material: laminated paper
Manufacturer: Fun Games Shop, Ukraine
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