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Truth or Dare: for Couples

A game for couples and really clo-o-ose friends ;)
Description: you think you've already tried everything with your partner? Sure about that? Go ahead and challenge yourself and your better half. With "Truth or Dare", you're definitely about to discover something new about your partner — and yourself. Or maybe you'll finally get a chance to try that one fantasy of yours you've always been too embarrassed to mention. With our game, there's no need to think too hard — we've already done that for you =)

Brief rules: You take turns asking one another: "Truth or Dare?". If you choose "Dare" — draw a stick and complete a task on the purple side. "Truth" — answer a question on the red side. You can't choose the same task more than two times in a row. You can pass on a certain "Truth" or "Dare" not more than twice during a game. After a third pass, the other player assigns you a punishment (get creative;)) that HAS TO be completed. There are no winners or losers in this game — it's participation that counts. Relax, be open and persistent, and you'll get the most of this game :)

Game type: Romantic, 18+
Players: 2+
Set: 50 dares and 50 questions
Material: laminated paper
Manufacturer: Fun Games Shop, Ukraine
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